visual artist's bio, cv, list of exhibitions, awards, achievements


Lives and works in Cracow/Poland/ born there in 1988

Graduated from Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow

Graphic Department/2008-2013


solo exhibition

9 - 27 January/Artifact Gallery/Manhattan/New York/USA/2019

SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS (full list on demand)


​The Still Life/Praxis Gallery/Minneapolis/USA​

From the Seed​/​New York Center for the Photographic Arts (USA)/Juror: Aline Smithson (from Lenscratch)​, Honorable Mention (online​)


25th Arts North International (formerly Arts in Harmony), Hopkins Center for the Arts, USA

Truth In Disguise/GESTE Paris - 4th Edition/France

Beyond The Real/Cupola Gallery/Sheffield/England

ChaShaMa Art Party/One World Trade Center/New York/NY/USA

Altered Realities/Juror: Brooke Shaden/PhotoPlaceGallery/Vermont/USA

EKRANO PRESO IV/ Academy of Fine Arts/Katowice/Poland

Little treasures 2019/Gallery De Marchi/Bologna/Italy

Our eARTh/ Kunsthuis Gallery/Yorkshire/England

Slideshow/Roman Susan Gallery/Chicago/USA

PCNW 22ND JURIED PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION/JURORS: Conor Risch, PDN Senior Editor + Lara Behnert, Starbucks Senior Manager, Creative/The Photographic Center North West/USA

Arts in Harmony International Juried Art Exhibition/Main Exhibition: Hopkins Center for the Arts, with Traveling Show: American Swedish Institute,2019/USA


Wild, great and fascinating art/PAKS Gallery, Vienna/Austria

Contemporary Life. Contemporary Art/ PAKS Gallery/ München/ Germany

We contemporary Art Show/ Museum of JOBS Foundation Palazzo Castrone di Santa Ninfa/ Palermo/Italy

Contemporary Photography 2008-2018/ Site:Brooklyn Gallery/NY/USA

Rock Stars IV/ Metropolitan Gallery/Las Vegas/USA

London Photo Show Competition/5th Base Gallery/London/England

Woman's Essence SHOW 2018/ Fundacion PONS/Madrid/Spain

Art is life, life is art/PAKS Gallery/castle Hubertendorf/Austria


Art moves the world/PAKS Gallery/Vienna/Austria



NowArt/Werkkunst Art Gallery/Bergamo/Italy

The London Group Open 2017/The Cello Factory/Waterloo/London/England

1st Mantova International Biennale/Museo Francesco Gonzaga/Italy

Glass/Juror:Traer Scott/New York Center for Photography/NY/USA

"Paper Beauty Orient  Ceremony Paper" Pattern Design Invitation Exhibition/Suzhou Culture Broadcasting of Press and Publication Board/China

NanoArt/Roi Dore Gallery/Paris/France

A.I.R. Gallery/16th annual postcard show/Wish You Were Here/NY/USA

100 Artists – 11 Countries /Kunsthuis Gallery/Yorkshire/England

A Surreal Vision/Loosen Art Gallery/Rome/Italy

Property/Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society/Roman Susan Gallery/Chicago/USA

International Contemporary Masters/Metropolitan Gallery in association with WWAB/World Wide Art Books/Las Vegas/USA



BODYSPACES/HUMAN+HYBRIDS/ It’s LIQUID Art Show/WorldHotel Ripa Roma/Rome/Italy

FUTURE LANDSCAPES/BORDERS/International Art and Architecture Festival/ Venice, Palazzo Ca' Zanardi and Venice Art House Gallery/Italy

Pre-During-Post Contemporary/Bayer Gallery/Stara Zagora/Bulgaria

FRAGMENTED IDENTITIES, International Art and Architecture Festival/Venice/Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi and Venice Art House Gallery/  It’s LIQUID Group; International ArtExpo/Italy

What a Wonderful World/ international photography exhibition/by Act Image/St. Vincent church of Merignac/Bordeaux/France

IX Triennale of Polish Graphics /History Museum of Mińsk/ Polish Institute/Mińsk/Belarus

Fine Art/Los Angeles Center of Photography/CA/USA

Exposure: The Photo Re-Imagined/New Hope Arts/NewHope/Pensylvannia/USA

SELF IDENTITIES/Buenos Aires/ Laura Haber Gallery/ It’s LIQUID Group; International ArtExpo/Argentina

Spring Edition of Art Shopping Exhibition Contemporary Worldwide Art 2016 au Carrousel du Louvre - Paris/Queen Art Studio Gallery/ France

Art in Rome 2016/ Flyer ArtGallery/Rome/Italy

FAUX/ International Exhibition/ juror Louise Clements/The Center for Fine Art Photography/CO/USA

Sonia Delaunay 130/ International poster exhibition/Kharkiv and Kyiv/Ukraine

Un seul grain de riz/ Metanoia Gallery/Paris/France



Dalian International Graphic Design Biennale/China

digital presentation at The Louvre Museum/part of the Exposure Awards/Paris/France

Polish Print Triennial (TGP)/Katowice/Muzeum Śląskie/Poland

Bolivia Poster Biennale

Ficciones Typografika/juror: Erik Brandt/USA



Un Seul Grain de Riz/ Metanoia Gallery/Paris/France

Gaza Poster Exhibitions/Turkey

Decatur Festival/ Georgia/USA

Candela Books + Gallery/USA

Black Box Gallery/ Portland/ Oregon/USA

A/NT Gallery/ Seattle/Washington/USA

Lahti Poster Triennial/ 19 International Poster Exhibition/Finland

14 International Biennal of Theatre Poster/ Rzeszów/ Poland//Gallery of the Polish Home/ Vilnius/ Lithuania 


International Poster Biennale/Bolivia



Honorable Mention/ New York Center for the Photographic Arts (USA)/ From the Seed/ Juror: Aline Smithson (from Lenscratch)/ 2020

Second place award in Photography category, Arts in Harmony International Juried Art Exhibition, Hopkins Center for the Arts/USA/2019

2 Honorable Mentions/Neutral Density Awards/Category: Professional-FineArt-Conceptual/2017

Juror First Award and Honorable Mention/GLASS/Traer Scott/New York Center for Photography/NY/USA/2017

Finalist/NanoArt International Competition/Roi Dore Gallerie/Paris/France/2017

2 Honorable Mentions/ND Awards/Neutral Density Awards/USA/2016

Second Place/Silver Glass/People Category/Open Photographic Championship Olsztyn/PL/2016

Honorable Mention/IPA/International Photography Awards/Los Angeles/USA/2016

Finalist/ International Competition Art Kudos/2016

Honorable Mention/Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA)/Russia/2016

Silver Award Winner/photography/Art Forward contest#5/Show and Sell/NY/USA/2016

Honorable Mention/FAUX//Juror: Louise Clements/The Center for Fine Art Photography/CO/USA/2016

Honorable Mention/ND Awards - Neutral Density Awards/ USA/2015

Honorable Mention/Moscow International Photography Award (MIFA)/Russia/2015

Honorable Mention/PHOTO15/Juror: Johannes DeYoung|Yale MFA Professor/FRONT art space/NY/USA/2015

finalist of the international competition/Art of contemplation/Rome/ Italy/2015

Honorable Mention/IPA - International Photography Awards/Los Angeles/USA/2015

Honorable Mention/Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA)/Russia/2014

Nomination for an award/XXIV National Artistic Photography Salon Żary/PL/2014

Distinction/TIFF Festival/PL/2014


Winner/poster competition for the Red Cross/Venezuela/2013




VIII Art & Fashion Forum, Styling & Art Direction workshop with Amanda Ringstad/ Poznan/ PL /2014

Drawing and  paper modeling - workshop with Tone Fink/ International Summer Academy Traunkirchen/ Austria /2014

Magnum Professional Practice Weekend/ Fotofestiwal in Łódź/ PL /2014



Interview/ Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

Inspiration Art Book: Contemporary Masters volume 5, designed and published in 2017 by "Inspiration Art Book"

Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine Easter 2017

Peripheral ARTeries Art Review - Biennial Edition/12.2016 

Nature Inspired: Autumn/Falling Leaves Press/ 2016 (book) (link)

portal Rynek i Sztuka/review by Małgorzta Goral/ 09.2016

TheWovenTalePress/review by Emily Jaeger/(link)/USA/2016

TheWovenTalePress/two photoseries at the on-line art&literature magazine (link) /USA/2016

ArticulAction Art Review/ Magazine/ Anniversary Edition/ Special Issue/ interview by curators Josh Ryder and Barbara Scott/ UK/2016

Glint Literary Journal, issue 7/11.2016/USA

Riflettori sull'Arte/canale nazionale Italia 143/tv

catalogo ufficiale di Art Shopping 2016

June Blouin International Gallery Guide/NY/USA/2016

ExpoArt Magazine/Carrousel du Louvre/Art Shopping/Paris/France/2016

Almax Magazine/2016

bohemianizm/an article by Desirée O/ Founder/Editor

vasari21/ an article by Ann Landi (art critic/USA) about my collaboration with Cheryl Gross

Exposure Award - Art Photography Collection/ SeeMe/2015 (book)

DEBUTS - book presenting the most talented young (at heart) Polish photographers/ by BlowUp Press/2014




City Council/ Georgia/ USA

private collectors in: Paris/ France; Rome, Mantova/Italy; Warsaw, Cracow, Bytom/Poland; Kiev/Ukraine, Berlin/Germany; Crayke/England







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